Huobi Tech Supports Huobi Research Institute to Releases 2021 Annual Crypto Trends Report


【Jan 21, 2022, HONG KONG】Huobi Technology Holdings Limited ("Huobi Tech", stock code: 1611.HK) supported Huobi Research Institute to release 2021 annual blockchain trends report, also known as “The Global Crypto Industry Overview and Trends 2021-2022 Annual Report”. The report analyzes the development of the crypto industry over the past year from four different aspects: finance, market, technology and policy. The report also examines ten important events that occurred in the blockchain industry in 2021, and uses them as a basis to forecast trends for 2022. 

Looking Forward to the Future of Global Blockchain Based on 2021

As for the blockchain industry, 2021 was an extraordinary year with many new milestones: Coinbase was listed, the first Bitcoin futures ETF was approved, Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador, and Bitcoin's quarterly transaction volume in 2021 caught up with PayPal, which confirmed the outbreak of the virtual asset market in this year. Moreover, driven by the high speed of technological innovation, this emerging industry once again shows its vigorous creativity with the emergence of new public chains, NFTs, DAOs, verse, Web3.0, GameFi, and other new concepts. In addition, DAOs, GameFi and verse also became buzzwords in 2021. What's driving them are innovations in organizational forms, improvements in operating models, and further exploration of the boundaries of virtual reality.

Nowadays, Bitcoin is being increasingly accepted and adopted by listed companies and central banks as a digital asset comparable to the gold. Traditional financial institutions are also actively stepping into this market, and compliance has become an important trend in the virtual asset industry. In the past year, DeFi has maintained rapid development in both scale and type, and DeFi2.0 innovations have evolved to provide better liquidity solutions. Market value of stablecoins increased rapidly and received attention from regulators around the world. Crypto compliance businesses continue to grow, and demand for such services will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Huobi Tech Strives to Promote the Sustainable Development of Blockchain Industry

The Global Crypto Industry Overview and Trends 2021-2022 Annual Report jointly released by Huobi Research Institute and the Blockchain Association Singapore, supported by Huobi Tech and Huobi Singapore.

The report analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of 2 technology led by Rollups and possible solutions in the future. At present, the fierce competition between old and new public chains constantly challenges bitcoin's dominance. As cross-chain bridges have become important infrastructure, blockchain security is also likely to face more challenges.

According to the report, in the future, DAO will become a mainstream, DeFi will enter the 2.0 era, and CBDCs will gradually be introduced to the public. Behind the rapid iterations of technology and scaling markets lie enormous development opportunities and a constantly evolving industry accepted by the mainstream. Huobi Tech will also carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with more professional research institutions on all aspects of blockchain industry for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

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