Huobi Lending

From scaling your business model to maintain instant liquidity – there's a number of cases you need stablecoins but you don't want to cash out or close your crypto positions. How to optimize your digital assets liquidity flexibly without foregoing potential positive market developments?Huobi Lending provides the best solution for you.

Why Us

Full Regulatory Compliance

Refer to AML requirements under HK regulation, to ensure a secure trading environment. Provide clients with custodian service, comply with TCSP requirements.


We offer competitive rates, flexible solutions in terms of collateral currencies and loan terms to suite for our clients.


Before the loan

One-on-one professional consultation
Customized to suit your needs
Offline quote for interest rates

Active loan

Loan agreement signing
Hierarchical risk control management
Asset custody

After the loan

Customer service
Information security & confidentiality
Value-added services

If you have any questions or suggestions on Huobi Brokerage business, please feel free to contact us Telegram:HB_Brokerage