Huobi Brokerage OTC

Huobi Brokerage OTC aims at providing professional and automated liquidity/trading solutions to institutions, systematic traders and HNWIs, by leveraging Huobi’s existing counterparty network and cutting-edge technology.

Why Us

Secure & Compliant

Refer to AML requirements under HK regulation, to ensure a secure trading environment. Provide clients with custodian service, comply with TCSP requirements.

Fast, Stable, Transparent

No transaction fee;Real time market quote, and post-settlement; Global liquidity coverage to offer most competitive pricing.

Products & Services

Support block trading among major crypto currencies ,stablecoins and fiat. Support voice trading, GUI, API, etc.; Real-time experienced customer support team, professional account manager, one-to-one exclusive service.

Trading Process (GUI / API / VOICE)


Fast & efficient onboarding process supported by Huobi Brokerage OTC account manager.


Real-time online and offline quotes to stay ahead of market trends.

Order Execution

Orders could be placed through GUI/API or within your dedicated trading chat room.


Same day delivery, process fully automated for online trading.


Block Trade

Electronic trading platform via GUI & API. Voice trading via dedicated trading chat room.

Multiple Currencies

Support major currencies (USD & upcoming EURO /GBP/HKD) and stablecoins.

Post-Settlement feasibility

Qualified clients can now lock your desired price and settle in advance to reduce price risks from running orders and market fluctuations.

Robust Liquidity

Direct access to global liquidity pools, covering trading platforms, market makers, and liquidity providers to try to provide the best competitive prices.

If you have any questions or suggestions on Huobi Brokerage business, please feel free to contact us Telegram:HB_Brokerage
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